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SARTA has created a New Rescue Discipline that blends technical & industrial rescue techniques in an easy to understand, trainable, common sense approach.

SARTA is a mixed discipline rescue training company. We have taken 20 years of professional NFPA technical rescue experience, methods and techniques. Mixing in nearly a decade of OSHA/ANSI fall protection & industrial rescue technology as it arrives to market. Finishing with a touch of the age old international rope trade or rope access.

SARTA works with several different manufacturers and companies on a consulting level to make products safer and more usable for the operators. We create custom rescue solutions designed for success.

SARTA is a pure training & consulting organization with blended curriculum of the the best of each discipline has to offer. Creating new cutting edge rescue programs that incorporate innovative techniques and new technology all the while not forgetting where we came from.

We are the new era of rescue.

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